Attorneys' General Assignments

Office of Attorney General Assignments to Western Washington University

This sheet guides WWU administrative staff in seeking legal counsel and to AGO staff as to which staff may seek assistance through the assigned attorneys. When you email a question, please only send it to the Assistant Attorney General (AAG) assigned to you.

  • Melissa Nelson, Senior Counsel  360-676-2192
  • Kerena Higgins, Assistant Attorney General/Team Leader 360-676-2047
  • Julie Nicoll, Assistant Attorney General – 360-756-5853
  • Lisa LaGuardia, Assistant Attorney General – 360-676-2021
  • Thomas Knoll, Assistant Attorney General, Labor & Personnel Division, Olympia 360-664-4167

Board of Trustees

Title Western Contact AAG Contact
Chair John Meyer Nelson
Chief of Staff and Secretary to the BOT Paul Dunn Nelson
Asst Secretary to the Board Rayne Rambo Nelson
Audit and Consulting Services, Executive Director Amy Kozak Nelson


Title Western Contact AAG Contact
President Sabah Randhawa Nelson
Sr Executive Asst to the President Barbara Sandoval Nelson
Associate VP/Director of Gov't Relations Becca Kenna-Schenk Nelson/Higgins
Public Records/University Policy Manager Dolapo Akinrinade Nelson/Higgins
University Rules Coordinator Jennifer Sloan Nelson/Higgins

Provost and Academic Affairs

Title Western Contact AAG Contact
Provost and VP for Academic Affairs Brent Carbajal Nelson
Associate VP for Academic Affairs Brian Burton Nelson
Director Academic Budgeting Ichi Kwon Nelson
Director Space Administration vacant Nelson
Institutional Research Director Ming Zhang Nelson
Institute for Global Engagement Lee Sternberger Nelson
Shannon Point Marine Center Brian Bingham Deans
Business and Economics Scott Young Nelson
Fairhaven Caskey Russell Nelson
Fine & Performing Arts Christopher Bianco Nelson
Western Gallery Director Hafþór Yngvason Nelson
College of the Environment Jean Melious Nelson
Humanities & Social Services Paqui Paredes Méndez Nelson
Sciences and Engineering Brad Johnson Nelson
Woodring Bruce Larson Nelson
Graduate School David Patrick Nelson
Libraries Mark Greenberg Nelson
Copyright Matters Jenny Oleen, Faculty Nelson
University Archives & Records Tony Kurtz Nelson
Vice Provost Under Grad Education Jack Herring Nelson
Vice Provost Info Tech/CIO Chuck Lanham Nelson
Director, IT Security Office Beth Albertson Nelson
Vice Provost for Outreach & Continuing Ed Robert Squires Nelson
Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity, interim Drew Nishiyma Higgins/Nelson
Vice Provost for Research & Spon Pgms. David Patrick Nelson
Research Compliance Officer Janai Symons Nelson
Research Compliance Officer Stephanie Richey Nelson

Business & Financial Affairs

Title Western Contact AAG Contact
VP for Business & Financial Affairs Joyce Lopes Nelson
Associate VP, Finance & Business Services Brian Sullivan Nelson
Financial Services Mike Ulrich Nelson
Business Services, Chief Procurement Of Pete Heilgeist Nelson/Higgins
Contracts Andrea Rodger Nelson/Higgins
Printing and Copy Services John Solberg Higgins
Student Business Office/Parking Service Bob Putich Higgins
Risk Management Director, Paul Mueller Nelson/Higgins
Compliance and HIPAA Officer Nicole Goodman Nelson
Assistant VP, Human Resources vacant Nelson
Staff Discipl Arbitration and ULPs Lea Aune, Assoc Director Knoll
Payroll Manager / Garnishments Megan Summers Nelson
Budget and Financial Planning Faye Gallant Nelson
Public Safety/Police Darin Rasmussen Nelson/Higgins
Environmental Health & Safety vacant Higgins
L&I Claims Bruce Boyer Higgins
Facilities Management Director John Furman Nelson
Capitol Planning and Development Rick Benner Nelson
Assoc Director - Capitol Planning Brian Ross Higgins
Asst Director - Capitol Planning Alexis Blue Higgins

Enrollment and Student Services

Title Western Contact AAG Contact
VP for Enrollment and Student Services Melynda Huskey Nelson
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Shelli Soto Nelson
Registrar vacant Higgins
Student Records/Subpoenas Laura Jensen Nelson
Admissions Cezar Mesquita Nelson
New Student Svc/Family Outreach Prg Ronna Biggs Higgins
Assistant Vice President ESS / Dir Financial Clara Capron Nelson
Ward of the Court Verification Brain Johnson / Janet McGlot Higgins
Athletics Director Steve Card Nelson
Counseling, Health and Wellness Executive Sislena Ledbetter Higgins
Student Health Center Sislena Ledbetter Higgins
Executive Director Student Life Michael Sledge Nelson
Executive Director Student Engagement Eric Alexander Nelson
Campus Recreation Adam Leonard Nelson
Disability Access Center   Higgins
Ethnic Student Center vacant Nelson
Veteran's Services Nick Sanchez Higgins
Division Director Finance & Capital Resources Linda Beckman Nelson
Bookstore Manager Julie David Higgins
LGBTQ+ Director Litav Langley Nelson
Multicultural Center Director vacant Nelson
Student Success Initiatives Senior Director Sara Wilson Nelson
University Residences Director Leonard Jones Higgins

University Relations and Marketing

Title Western Contact AAG Contact
VP for University Relations and Marketing Donna Gibbs Nelson
Tribal Liaison Laural Ballew Higgins
Washington Campus Compact Jennifer Hine Higgins
University Communications John Thompson Nelson/Higgins
Web Communications Technology Max Bronsema Nelson
Small Business Dev. Center CJ Seitz Nelson

University Advancement

Title Western Contact AAG Contact
VP for University Advancement Kim O'Neill  
Chief Operations Officer Mark Brovak  
VP Development/Leadership Giving    
Sr Director, University Advancement Mark Bagley  
Sr Director, Advancement and Alumni